Social Engagement

Corporate Social Responsibility

“Giving back to the communities where we live and work is central to our history and culture.” – Martin Eckert, Tupperware Brands

DSE members realize that social responsibility does not simply begin and end with the purchase of a product.  Companies themselves live and work within a global community and are in a privileged position to fund initiates that can change the lives of those in need.

From 2013 to 2015, the Tupperware Brands Foundation donated nearly $21 million in product, cash and cause-related marketing proceeds to support social programmes and non-profits.

AMC's ISFE Foundation yearly gives out grants of up to € 20,000 for topics of nutritional research.

Vorwerk has so far raised €1,8 million for the Vorwerk Family Fund, thanks to contributions of employees, sales partners, the company management and the owner family.

As the "company for women", Avon has the unique ability and commitment to educate and mobilise people worldwide on issues that are of vital importance to women. That's why global philantropy is at the company's core. Avon breast care programmes in over 50 countries contributed to more than $800 million to conduct research and advance access to quality care. 

Raising Families and Hope

“Even in tough economic times, we view our sponsorship of SOS Children’s Villages as part of our special responsibility as a family owned company.” -Anka Kast, member of the owner family of Vorwerk

Vorwerk, Jafra, Lux International, and Tupperware all participate in sponsorship of SOS Children’s Villages, a charity dedicated to finding homes for orphaned and abandoned children around the world and supporting families in desperate circumstances. 

The Villages are built simply but practically, using solar technology. SOS-mothers, teachers, and administrators provide schools, family-strengthening programs, and vocational training, as well as lobby to promote child well-being.

Many companies have created foundation specifically for the benefit of the SOS Children’s Villages, including the Vorwerk Family Fund and the Tupperware Brands Foundation.

Building a Healthier World

Nutrimetics’ Look Good…Feel Better campaign collects products and runs workshops for women undergoing cancer treatments, working to help them restore both confidence and self-esteem.

The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, launched in 1992, has placed Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women at the forefront of the fight against breast cancer. Today, Avon is the leading corporate supporter of the cause globally. In 2015, Avon and its Avon foundation for Women contributed $2.8 million to campaigns against domestic violence, bringing total contributions to this cause since 2004 to nearly $60 million. 

In 2013, Jafra engaged in a 3 year partnership with Beauty Bus Foundation, supporting chronically or terminally ill people.

Just International has been involved with several NGOs acting in Appenzell, Switzerland.

AMC’s ISFE Foundation awards six to eight grants per year to projects in the nutritional sciences that focus on promoting health eating and overall wellness.

Tupperware Brands has also a stringent policy of product responsibility as regards raw materials as well as chemicals - all materials and substances are internationally certified. Furthermore, several global initiatives have been put in place such as recycling of damaged products and shipment boxes, use of vegetable ink in catalogs, energy light savings at corporate facilities and an environmental expenditure which in 2013 amounted to € 1,3 million.

Global Connections

“Companies are a part of society. Only within a social environment that is intact can a company succeed in the long term.” -Andreas Pieroth, WIV Wein International AG

DSE members actively fund initiatives that stretch across the world.

The Tupperware Brands Foundation sponsors international programs that enlighten, educate, and empower women and girls, providing them with the tools they need to succeed.

Lux International has contributed a considerable amount of monetary support to the SOS Children's Village in Iloilo, Philippines. 

JAFRA Russia sponsors the Grant for Life Foundation, which works to improve the survival rate of children who suffer from cancer, tumors, and blood disease. JAFRA Mexico donates toys to children’s charities and disaster relief funds and has donated more than € 0,5 million to youth and women education programmes.

To mark its 125th anniversary in 2008, the family-owned company Vorwerk built an SOS Children’s Village in Quy Nhon, Vietnam. Through fundraisers and private donations, Vorwerk sponsors villages in India and Costa Rica.

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